The Price of Not Tracking Time

I will keep this brief because as we have all heard, “Time is Money”.  Time spent on emails, meetings, texts, phone calls etc. is a necessity in your everyday life at work that we can’t necessarily avoid.

Companies are wasting thousands of dollars by not tracking time against emails, unnecessary meetings, correcting inaccurate time sheets etc.  During an average week, your employees will:

  1. Read 304 emails per week
  2. Emails will be checked 36 times an hour
  3. 16 minutes of your employee’s time will be used to refocus after reading emails
  1. 61 Meetings are attended monthly by most employees…Of which half consider it time wasted
  2. Up to 31 hours can be wasted each month per employee on unproductive meetings
  3. 47% of your workforce manually logging time will do so inaccurately

Time that isn’t tracked is costing you and your business money.  Studies show that checking spam and emails alone costs companies $1800 per year and 37 billion dollars is wasted by US businesses each year on needless meetings.

So how do you do things differently and set your businesses apart from these statistics?  Collaborative software……

Giving your team an easy to use software platform that utilizes one space to perform daily tasks will increase collaboration and communication throughout your business and cut down on time wasted. Time tracking capabilities increases accuracy for employees logging time and decreases the amount of time it takes for approvals.  And streamlining your billing and invoicing processes will decrease the amount of time it takes to collect from your clients.

The financial benefits of an all in one workforce collaboration software are obvious.  Get out of your one size fits all solution today and get ahead with NIMBULIS.

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