Anticipating your team to work together cohesively and produce positive results can be impeded when the team doesn’t mesh well. So, how does one put a team together that communicate well and work as a unit towards the same goal. Fundamentals of creating an outstanding team are as follows:

  1. Clarify Team Roles and Responsibilities

Knowing the roles and responsibilities creates a cohesive group environment. Make sure each team member understands their specific role and what it means to the team’s overall purpose. Discuss responsibilities of each role, set clear expectations, and create a clear and concise action plan that is achievable for the team member.

  1. Commit to Shared Goals

With no set goal, there is no team. Create a set objective and make sure you are clear about the purpose of the goal and what needs to be done to achieve it by prioritizing action items. Review your expectations on a regular basis and make sure each team member is fulfilling their part in the team environment.

  1. Trust in Your Team

To work together successfully your team members must trust each other. Honesty, honesty, honesty is always the best policy. Eliminate any immediate conflicts when the group is formed. If an issue arises, talk to the individual and put the issue out on the table. Bring it up to the team if necessary and always give them the benefit of the doubt. Discuss as a group and gain insight on how to resolve any issues. For team members to trust you, you must trust them and value their thoughts and suggestions.

  1. Communicate

Sometimes even though all intentions are good, conflicts will occur but areas of miscommunication can cause problems within the team environment. To avoid this, an environment where your team members don’t feel judged and feel safe to communicate must be created. Don’t make any assumptions and listen to all sides. Dealing with problems quickly is key. After addressing any problems, reinforce your team member’s, and use this as a teaching tool for next time. When handled appropriately these situations can used to redefine values and the goals of the team.

  1. Reward Your Team

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like praise. Rewarding your team’s efforts and celebrating their successes with in-office lunches, after hours get togethers or morning coffee and donuts will motivate them to keep up the good work and continue working towards a common goal. Assembling a team that has a commitment to each other and the overall success of your business takes time and effort. Once you form a dedicated, cohesive team you will see that it was well worth the effort you put into it.

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