NIMBULIS: Software For The Rest Of Us

You need the freedom to work on what’s really important—running your business. Nimbulis is the best business management tool to get that freedom. We automate the most time-consuming tasks, leaving you free to focus on what matters.

Nimbulis is a powerful business management solution and the front-end or back-end software system for your company. We help you get the necessary details all in one place to run your business, using the cloud. You’ll never have to manually track your critical business activities again or jump between multiple applications. Stop Frankensteining business management software to get the results you need to run your company!

Time & Attendance

Are you aware of how recent labor law changes will affect your business? Nimbulis time management software lets your organization consistently and accurately apply business policies, pay types, and pay rules so you can avoid costly errors while increasing efficiency and productivity.


Did you know the labor laws are changing for the first time in 12 years? If you aren’t compensating your salaried workers $47,476 when the new law goes into place on December 1st 2016 they are no longer exempt from overtime.  Under the current law, the salary threshold is $23,660 for an employee to be exempt from overtime.  This new law will effect 4.2 million workers.  This date will be here before we know it!  If you have questions on how to make sure your company is compliant with the Department of Labor “start the discussion today”!

The Nimbulis Experience

Excellence in customer service is our mission.  Our goal is to consistently perform and deliver value-added services to our customers. We deliver exceptional value by exceeding client expectations and taking the time to understand your business. All businesses are not alike and every company has different software needs. Being told how to use software or restricted by the capabilities of the software is never ideal. What sets Nimbulis apart from the competition is the architectured design of our software which allows for enhancement of features to fit your business requirements.