A Message from Our CEO

Welcome to Nimbulis, where we’re working hard to empower you, your people, and your business in the most impactful way -- with the timely knowledge and information you can only achieve with BCM™ (Business Collaboration Management).

We do all this with our “operational cloud” platform which provides everything our clients need to thrive at the intersection of business and technology in today’s digital-driven world.

But let us be clear…this isn’t about a hodge-podge of apps, tools, learning-curves and promises – there’s already too many of those. It’s about a real solution that improves productivity from “DAY ONE”.

Here’s just a sampling. This is an image of our “Nimbuli” which is used to manage projects, business objectives or other initiatives. Just like our other “cards”, which include functions like Sales, People, Scheduling, Time, and Jobs (to name just a few), the Nimbuli makes information, updates, notifications and general collaboration easily actionable from your desktop or mobile device.

No more making do with email to get things to happen or share files. No more having things fall between the cracks. No more “herding cats”. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Please use the form provided below to schedule a demo and see it all.

We’ll be officially launching our platform soon, but for a limited time we’re offering professional service companies an opportunity to get productive today. This pre-launch program includes a discounted annual subscription – a 30% savings. To learn more, please check the “get a demo” box to request an appointment and see everything we can offer your business.

We’re a dedicated group of seasoned business and technology professionals committed to the effective integration of people, process and technology. And after many months of researching, planning, designing and building (and busting our butts) we’re showing the world something many have longed for – intuitive, robust BCM™ which is affordable and appropriate for any size organization.

We’re very proud of our work. And we can’t wait to show it to you.


Andre Williams, CEO

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